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Siberian Home Inspections is a division of Siberian Enterprises Inc. A Michigan based Corporation that offers Snow Plowing,  Handyman and Maintenance services, Kitchen and Bath Design and Installations as well as Finished Basements. We are a Licensed Residential Builder in Michigan. 

Our Code of Ethics forbids us to offer to fix any issues discovered during a Home Inspection for no less then 12 months but we can do other things not related to the inspection. 

And if there are items you need or want done that fall outside of our expertise, we are members of the Southern Wayne County Regional Chamber and can refer you to many individuals and Companies that can handle it. We are more then just home inspections. Become part of the Siberian family today, you'll be grateful you did.

We also offer a Professional Discount to Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and US Military Members.

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