So they accepted your offer. Now what?

The Home Inspection

"Why do I need an inspection? The City is going to inspect it"

In the Real Estate Transaction there can be several inspections. City, FHA/VA Loans, and a private Home Inspection. The City inspection is for the City's codes, FHA and VA Inspections are to make certain the lenders criteria is met which leaves the private Home Inspection. The is what we do. We work for you and are looking out for your interests. 

Siberian Home Inspections #1 concern is your safety.

Your home is typically the biggest investment you will make. Why not make sure it's a sound investment.

Siberian Home Inspectors provide a Professional Home Inspection that will cover:

  • Structure: Foundation/Basement/Joists/Supports/*

  • Exterior: Grading/Siding/Walls/Driveways/Porches/Decks/*

  • Roof: Shingles/Fascia/Flashing/Gutters/Downspouts/*

  • Electrical: Service Drop/Service Panel/Outlets/Circuit Breakers/*

  • Plumbing: Water Heater/Water Leaks/Water Supply lines/Bathrooms/Lavs/*

  • Heating: Furnace/Boiler/Ducts/Radiators/Age and Condition/*

  • Cooling: Central AC/Age and Condition/*

  • Interior: Walls/Floors/Ceilings/Doors/Windows/Kitchen/Dishwashers/*

  • Attic: Insulation/Rafters/Trusses/ Roof Sheathing/Ventilation/* 

We use Palm-Tech Reporting software and email the report to you after it is completed, usually within 24 hours. 

Professional Home Inspections