Radon Testing

Radon Gas is the second highest cause of Lung Cancer besides smoking. If you smoke and are exposed to high levels of Radon, your chances of developing Lung Cancer is nearly 10x that of a non-smoker. 

Radon Gas is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It occurs as a result of the break down of  naturally occurring Uranium in the soil, water and rocks into Radium which then turns into Radon. Radon outside is not a big issue, but inside, where the levels can get higher, it can become a serious issue.  

Radon is measured in Picocurie per liter. A reading of 4 pCi/L  or above is considered high by the EPA.  and should be Mitigated. 

It enters the home through cracks, or crevices and generally is found in the lowest level of your home. 

Our Inspector will come out and leave two test canisters for no less then two days. After the second day we will pick up the exposed canisters and ship them to the lab for testing. We will email you the results as soon as we get them back.

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Wood Destroying Insects

Wood Destroying Insects can cause a large amount of damage effecting the value of your home and your safety.  Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Carpenter Bees can undermine supports leaving your home structurally unsound and unlivable. The costs to correct their damage can run very high depending on the amount of damage.

Our Inspections looks for past and present issues and for the potential of future occurrences ex. wood against the house, piles of leaves etc.

We are not Exterminators, we do not offer treatment of any insects, we discover during the inspection.